i've been making things for as long as i can remember. in the late 90's i moved out to californina to get my MFA from cal/arts.. my artwork from that period began to have an intense dialogue with architecture, design, and space which eventually led me to make the jump from the art world to the design world. i set up a small wood shop to create custom furniture and cabinetry for clients in the LA area. over the next few years the shop got bigger and i worked and collaborated with many talented designers and builders in almost every area of the furniture industry - residential, restaurants, contract, store fixtures, and even an art show every now and then.

during the last couple of years i have been producing a small line of furniture with an emphasis on balancing structure and form with an economy of production. i am interested in exploring ways to create beautiful and profound objects which can be manufactured in an efficient manner. each piece strives to blend modern fabrication tools like CNC machines and laser cutters with more classic techniques involving chisels and tenons.

presently, my area of focus lies in three separate companies:

a single tree
this is the fabrication facility where we do many custom projects as well as produce the wolfum and 100xbtr lines. i consider it homebase - it's where i go to work in the morning.

this is the furniture line - made and designed with my old friend will rollins.

wolfum is a deep collaboration with my wife, annabel inganni. she designs all the textiles and softgoods while i handle all the hard goods. it is truly a labor of love.